Health Insurance Solutions for Individuals and Families

Welcome to Health Line One, America’s resource for reliable and affordable health insurance coverage. Our licensed agents help individuals and families from across the fifty states find the best available health plans and insurance benefits, regardless of pre-existing health conditions or household budget limitations.

Personalized Service and Savings

We contract with the top insurance providers to offer a wide range of plans and enrollment opportunities, including many that are not available from other agencies. Call us now and one of our friendly licensed agents will identify a health plan that addresses your specific needs at the lowest available cost.

The Best Coverage Options from the Most Reliable Carriers

Even if you have been denied coverage by major medical carriers in the past, you certainly have options. You do not have to pay for health care at the individual uninsured rates. We know the marketplace and we are prepared to navigate you through it. We guarantee that we can find anyone a plan that offers significant savings. You can obtain individual health care coverage and you can realize significant savings in your medical expenses, right now!

Think Positive. Think Health Line.

ObamaCare (Affordable Care Act) Compliance

We stay on top of developments under Obamacare, properly known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). Do you understand the changes occurring in Health Insurance right now? Is your current policy compliant with the Act? We can help you answer these questions and avoid the tax penalties you may face in 2014 when the individual mandate of the PPACA goes into effect.